CleanLight Air Purifier 120V



Healthier air, both for plants as well as for people.

When air is contaminated with spores of disease, plants can also become infected. That is why growers install CleanLight Air on the wall in greenhouses, in grow-rooms, in grow tents, and also in storage halls. The built-in ventilator pulls the air through an M3 filter to remove dust, small insects, etc. The air is then blown past a germicidal UV lamp and fresh filtered air is blown back into the room. The entire unit may be mounted on any wall and operates independently 24/7. Depending on the level of ventilation in the grow room or storage room, one unit keeps a room of 100 m3 safe (2,500 cu.ft.)


• Two fan settings: “Low” for ultra-quiet operation and “High” for optimum efficiency.

• Lamp and fan together: 125 Watt.

• Electrical cord: 3 meters ( 9 feet)

• Bolts and plugs for wall mounting included.

• Lifetime: 8000 hours Advantages:

• No leakage of UV light into the surrounding workspace.

• Guaranteed free of ozone, and other chemicals.

• Kills spores, mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air.

• Healthier air, both for plants as well as for people.