Greenhouse Design & Fabrication

At Goodwin's, we are available to custom design and fabricate a greenhouse and/or greenhouse components to meet your specific requirements. With over 25 years in the business, we have experience with every style and model which provides us with a unique perspective and skill set for designing and fabricating custom greenhouses.

Greenhouse Maintenance

We offer general maintenance services including vent repairs, roof repairs, overall inspections, and component replacement.

Supervisor Services

At Goodwin's, we provide supervisor services for greenhouse development projects. This is often well suited for clients that have their own labour force but would like to have one or more leaders overseeing the project. In our experience, utilizing one of our skilled supervisors on site to oversee a greenhouse build saves you time and money.

Mobile Welding

If you need on-site welding services for your greenhouse, we are available as needed with our mobile welding unit.

Instruction / Education

We offer training and education in greenhouse construction/building. These services are typical for companies and schools that would like to have their own people involved in building a greenhouse or multiple greenhouses.