Series 11


The LUMINOSA Series 11 greenhouse is available in 36' wide. This model is optimized for growing vegetables according to a European (metric) crop organization, with rows spaced 1.6 or 1.8 meters. Ideal for hanging crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, these greenhouses optimize the growing space and maximize the profitability of the operation.

Foundation options 

  • Anchor plates for existing foundation
  • Anchorage tubes for new concrete foundation (columns or continuous foundation)

Covering options

  • Single or double polyethylene films
  • Single or twin wall polycarbonate sheets

Ventilation options

  • Single or double ridge vent panels
  • Mid-roof vent
  • Side roll-up vent (manual or automated)
  • Mechanical ventilation (fan, extractor and air circulator)

Door options

  • Single or double
  • Sliding or hinged

For a quote, please contact the office at 604.746.3322 / 1.855.949.2963

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